At long last, photos from Minh-Thu and Jim’s wedding this past July at Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa.  Thank you to Mel Barlow for capturing the beauty of the weekend, Sarah at Saipua for the lovely flowers, Bruce and Heather at Main Course Caterers for the delicious menu,  Jason Fioto at Generation Events for rocking the house (as usual) and the folks at Buttermilk Falls, for beautifully maintaining such a romantic, hidden gem of a property in Hudson Valley.

The bride very kindly sent me an email she received shortly after her wedding from a guest and dear friend.  Below, a list of her favorite things from the wedding…..some of it has been edited to protect the innocent (or guilty, as the case may be).

Mindy’s Favorite things about MT’s wedding

Things about your AMAZING wedding.

The (Buddhist) meditation walk. We loved, loved, loved this! Such a great way to clear our heads and focus on the moment and the beautiful scenery.  It felt perfect to walk slowly and thoughtfully directly to the site. We got to the site in such a great and happy mood.

That BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement in the reception area (right before the wedding site). Damn. Just so pretty.

The fans on the chairs with all the colored ribbons.

The whole ceremony. Especially the first reading and your vows. It made me remember how awesome it is to be married.

Your dress, your veil and that beautiful flower in your hair. Also the way your hair did a cool wave on the side of your face. You looked AMAZING. Just glowing and naturally beautiful.  

All the food was great so I’ll just mention our favorites: The Friday night pizzas straight from the pizza oven! Really good! And the steak on Saturday night was super yummy. 

The white sangria. I had like 3. 

The babysitters!! One day soon when you and Jim have a newborn you’ll understand what an AMAZING gift you gave all the parents. Having babysitters so that we could dance and drink and party with our friends?? Just totally amazing.

Jim’s toast to you. So sweet. 

Yum! The signature drink. Sooo good. I saw a few people have 3 or 4. Plus, it looked beautiful.

The flowers on the table – just gorgeous. 

Your bouquet. I’ve literally never noticed or remembered a bouquet in all the weddings I’ve been to. But yours was really exceptional.

The linen table runners set off against the white table clothes looked great.

The place cards on the little clothes line – so cute! 

That we got to keep the chopsticks!! There was a discussion at our table early on about whether we could keep them or not b/c everyone wanted them.  It’s actually the perfect wedding gift – something everyone kind of needs but not usually something you buy for yourself.

Taking pictures in the photo booth! So fun. The woos took a bunch – all woos, then girls only, then boys only. It got a bit rowdy and I took an umbrella to the eye. A little blood, but totally worth it.

Bringing the DJ into the wild woo dance circle and surrounding him like crazed drunken d-bar lovin woos.

Raising our candles to you and Jim during your dance to.. was it Journey?

I have to mention your dress twice. BEAUTIFUL.

Your sister and brother’s toast/singing was so sweet – I LOVED her voice.

The milkshake shooters! Actually, all the desserts. A bunch of us gathered around and tried them all and had a heated discussion about which was the best. Nils and I felt strongly about the tiny key lime tarts.

The DJ. Obviously.

The sliders and fries and chips at the after party. An amazing detail. (writers note – sorry, for those of you who are reading this … no photos from the after party).

Driving up to the property and then walking around – it’s just such a beautiful spot.

The tea ceremony: it was so cool to see a different kind of ceremony.  Also, your hair looked great and your headpiece was super cool!

AMAZING!!! happy wedding!


The invitation (by Ceci)

The Lion Dance – so playful and joyful.  Especially loved the drums…

Congratulations Minh-Thu and Jim. Thanks for entrusting us to help you create these special memories.  It really was our pleasure.

Favorite Things; a Summer Wedding at Buttermilk Falls