Your ceremony says a lot about you as a couple.  It literally sets the tone for the rest of your wedding celebration.  Traditional or playful? Dramatic or intimate? A customized and meaningful ceremony is the secret ingredient to any fabulous wedding.  It creates a unique energy which your guests carry with them through the rest of your celebration, and the difference between “just another wedding” and “wow, what a night”.  That’s why I strongly encourage every couple to personalize their ceremony which includes reviewing what your officiant plans to say, writing their own vows, and thoughtfully curating their music.

Choosing meaningful music is the perfect way to make your ceremony, well, your ceremony.  Remember that there are many components to your ceremony and many moments to customize music:

Prelude – 1/2 hour prior to ceremony as guests arrive and take their seats.

Bridal Party Processional – often also the Groom’s processional – as the bridal party and groom walk down the aisle and take their places.

Brides Processional – song just for the brides walk down the aisle.

Recessional – usually an upbeat song once the ceremony has concluded.

One final bit of advice. Don’t be afraid to mix classical with contemporary, or chose musical instruments that are off the beaten path.  There are no wrong answers, only what feels right for you.

electric violin at the Rainbow Room, Sunset, planning by In Any Event NY

Marching to a Different Beat