With so much going on in the world right now, it can be difficult to think about the steps to planning your dream wedding. Deciding what to wear, who to invite, and how to make your event reflect your own personal style can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to have the party of the decade or an intimate celebration with your closest friends and family, there are so many fun ways to customize your wedding and embrace your aesthetic. Here are 5 wedding fashion trends to consider for 2022.

1. Color and Texture

gown: Milla London

Just a few years ago, it was almost unthinkable for brides to wear anything other than white, but now, anything goes, including dresses with colorful embroidery, belted accents, tinted veils and gowns in blush or blue tones. After all, who says you have to wear white on your wedding day? If you’re more of a traditionalist but still like the idea of adding color, try incorporating some into your rehearsal dinner. Many brides are also opting for color or texture in their second dress – think after-party-dance-til-dawn slip dresses with feathered or fringed accents.  Jumpsuits are still jumping, especially with sequins or anything that shimmers. Manicures and pedicures are a perfect place to get creative. And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the option of wearing colorful shoes! The important thing is to have fun!

Grooms have also taken note of this trend. Even if you go classic black tux or blue suit for the ceremony, a colorful dinner jacket is always an option for the reception or after party! Groomsmen can even get in on the action by incorporating colorful bowties, vests, pocket squares, suspenders and even socks.

2. Hair Accessories

Kaia Gerber hair clips, Met Gala 2022

Photo: getty images / Kaia Gerber at the Met Gala 2022

Another fashion-forward trend that swept this year’s Met Gala red carpet – hair accessories! There are so many different hair accessory options out there, from tiny tiaras and embellished bobby pins to silk flowers and butterflies.  We encourage our brides to work with their hair stylists to consider what best compliments their look(s). Bows are symbolic, of course, as another way to tie the knot on the big day, but any hair accessory makes a fabulous fashion statement that you can wear again (and again).

3. Eyewear

photo: Brides Magazine

On their wedding day, couples used to think they had to ditch their glasses for contacts or just go without them altogether. However, with so many unique eyewear styles available, many brides and grooms not only choose to keep their glasses on for their wedding weekend but even select one (or more) just for the occasion!  For extra wow factor, switch your glasses when transitioning from ceremony to reception. If you’re worried about reflections or flash-back in your wedding photos, get an anti-reflection coating on your lenses.

Another cool thing about eyewear is that you can match it with other accessories for coordinated look and even mix and match with your partner or wedding party for some unique photo ops.

4. Florals

Handmade floral silk clutch: BoutiqueByMariam

We love flowers, of course, but florals are so much more than just pretty blooms in your bouquet or on your table. You can incorporate non-organic florals into your wedding design in countless ways – by using prints and patterns, mixing and matching to your hearts content. In fact, curating floral gowns for bridesmaids has become its own art form. With so many chic dresses to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect combination of pattern and palette.

The humble clutch is another opportunity to have some fun with florals, and don’t even get me started about accessorizing with floral jewelry.  I could write a blog on that alone!  You’ll also find floral prints popping up at weddings on decorative elements such as tablecloths and napkins, wallpaper backdrops, dance floors and paper goods. (Sorry – the flower wall is out, people.  Please move on.)

There’s even a trend toward embracing floral print attire for men. Be it a custom shirt, tie, vest or pocket square, these elements add a touch of whimsy and a dash of color. If it feels too fashion forward for your formal black-tie wedding, try it at your rehearsal dinner instead.

The beauty of florals beyond flowers is that it goes with almost every wedding theme or style, whether it’s the natural, illustrated, printed, embroidered or photographic variety. No matter which medium and style you choose, florals offer a way to help your wedding stand out from the crowd.

5. 35mm, Instant Film and Vintage Phone Guest Books

photo: Brides Magazine

Now that you have the accessories and style put together, capture it all with 35mm photography. One of the most popular trends to have taken over the fashion, photography, and party scene is the old-school film camera. Between disposable cameras, polaroid’s, and other expressive instant film cameras, these devices are a great way to capture authentic moments between you and your guests. Compared to digital cameras or your cell phone, film captures the moment much differently. The unique way they filter light brings a cool, different aesthetic to the photograph.

While there’s a lot to be said for these cameras, I also have a word or two of caution.  Don’t give them out during your ceremony as guests will get in the way of your professional photographer.  Don’t put them on each table as they will impact the aesthetic of your design. Do create a station for guests to pick up or drop off a disposable camera, or refill an instant camera.  Do ask your bridal party or select family members to take photos.  Do consider assigning one person at each table to the task of taking a photo and passing the camera on to others. Instead of a guest book, do create a polaroid camera station – don’t forget to bring double stick tape and extra pens (careful of markers – they can bleed through the pages)! If you’re feeling really creative, add a colorful vintage phone which records your guests well wishes.  Combining old school instant cameras and vintage rotary phones creates one very cool and interactive guest book station that offers both personalized pictures and a voicemail of everyone who shares your special day.

Even if you’re planning last-minute, your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of  your life, but don’t forget that it’s so much more than just one day.  Cherish the journey. Be thoughtful in your decisions (without overthinking too much!) and your wedding will be as unique as your love for each other. Whether you’re incorporating some traditional moments, selecting some eye-catching accessories, or adding your own personal flair to the day, there are endless options to make it meaningful and unforgettable.

Our 5 Favorite Wedding Trends in 2022