Wondering what to do with all your newfound time at home?  Just keep planning.  Not only will you feel better and have something to look forward to, but let’s face it,  there’s only so many times you can re-organize your closets.    Here are a few tasks to stay productive and some pro tips to help you keep calm and keep planning!


1. Listen to music.  Select your first dance song. Practice your first dance.  Preferably with candlelight and some wine.

First Dance at an Intimate Watermill wedding planned by Leslie Price of In Any Event NY

2. Listen to more music together. Select your ceremony music, including bridal party processional, brides processional and couple recessional.  Click here for PRO TIPS on marching to your own beat.

cello musician at a wedding ceremony

3. Create your order of processional.  That’s who’s walking down the aisle with whom and in what order.  If you’re not quite ready to commit to the order, just make a list of who’s walking and who’s standing, other than you.  You can always figure out the order during your ceremony rehearsal, unless you’re putting the order in your printed program.

Hamptons bride walking down the aisle with her parents

4. Read poetry, books and song lyrics together. If you’re religious, read your favorite Bible, Torah, Tripitaka or Koran verses (or whatever book you call yours).  Select your ceremony readings.  Write your vows.

intimate ceremony during Covid, Watermill NY, planned by Leslie Price of In Any Event NY

5. Write your program copy.  Design it with your stationer.  You can either wait to print it, or leave the date off and print it now to avoid the crazy backlog rush of printing later.

wedding program at Cedar Lakes Estate

6. Create your photo shot list, with your cast of characters like a Playbill so your photographer and planner both know the number of people they will be coordinating and each person’s relationship to you.  It will also help your planner allocate the right amount of time in your schedule for the day.  Don’t forget to email it to your photographer and planner when you’ve finished. Click here for PRO TIPS on creating a photo shot list.

bridesmaids in black gowns

7. Email, text and call friends and family.  Collect and organize mailing addresses.  Print envelopes and send to the calligrapher.  Order postage stamps. Click here for PRO TIPS on international postage.  Stamp your reply and outer envelopes.  PRO TIP – wait to print anything with a date.

yellow and navy wedding invitations

8. Order your wedding shoes.  Break them in around the house.

Custom bridal cowboy boots

9. Write your welcome bag letter.  Select your bag swag.  If you have enough room, you can even order everything and stuff the bags.  PRO TIP – don’t print the welcome bag letter until all your transportation logistics are finalized.

Welcome Bag Letter designed by Happy Menocal, planning by In Any Event NY, wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate

10. Create a list of VIP seating for your ceremony. PRO TIP – keep the list tight – no need for aunts, uncles and cousins unless they’re looking after grandparents.

Bridesmaids seated during a wedding ceremony at The New York Public Library planned by Leslie Price of In Any Event NY.


If you have a question about rescheduling or changing the scope of your celebration, don’t be shy. If we can’t help, we might know someone who can. The events industry is committed to working together to keep moving forward. This too shall pass. And when it does, we’re all going to want to celebrate!

Top 10 Tips to Keep Calm and Keep Planning Your Wedding