So, you’re wondering which song to use for your first dance.  Don’t sweat it (at least, not until it’s time to party hard). Here’s three tips to follow when selecting a first dance song:


  1. Good Vibes Only!  Listen to the lyrics. If the song talks about heartbreak or cheating, pick a different song.
  2. Make it yours.  Don’t pick your sisters or best friends first dance.  There’s lots of great options out there.
  3. Don’t worry about trends.  Pick a song that resonates for you and your fiance.


We started off the new year by creating Spotify playlist with our favorite top 50 first dance songs. While some are classics that you might know, there are a few off the beaten path. Last year, three of our couples selected number 15!  Let us know your favorites!

first dance at the Rainbow Room

Photo by Michael Falco. First Dance dip at the Rainbow Room

Top 50 First Dance Songs